Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 - self love!

In these tough times, let's remember to take better care of ourselves. No better opportunity than Valentine's Day!

Everyone needs some 'me time', but people enjoy very different things - these are some of our favourite methods of self care.

Food! One of the easiest ways to make us happy is with food - rum cake, seaweed salad, vegetarian or meat, we'll slurp it up and be happy.

Mom loves to cook and we both love to eat. Win win!

Warm drinks also make our hearts happy - we love chocolate, tea and especially coffee.

We love to make things. We can sit for hours happily drawing, painting, making collages or writing in our journals. A happy place is something you can also bring with you!

And most of all the wonder | wander | women love to wander and wonder. Walking, taking pictures and making memories helps feed our art and our souls. Whether it's pretty architecture...

...strange machines...

...or a beautiful sunset that sets the sky on fire...

...we love to watch, share and remember.

So our Valentine's wish for you is that you find and cherish true love. Especially when your true love is yourself!

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